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Had a great time shooting earlier this week with Big Foot Films for Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys! Check out the finished video featuring their song “The Power” (and our fancy garden lights) on YouTube.

Check out the newest video for Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys. Produced with a little help from Tell Stories… Enjoy!

Movie Inspired Illustrations by Jan Skácelík


I had just watched Blade Runner a few nights ago when I came across this vintage print by Jan Skácelík containing a quote from the movie, along with others from A Clockwork Orange and Star Wars. If you visit his shop on Etsy you’ll find plenty of great illustration inspiration, many also incorporate the use of textures to enhance the overall design and retro feel.

GO PRO 2… WHAT!?!?

The new GoPro Hero is here! You might notice not everything is SUPER wide angle, it’s because they offer a new 90 Degree FOV mode! Also, to get you gushing… it shoots 120FPS!

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